UnKetchups are fruit-based all-purpose sauces.

Use them to dip, glaze, baste, marinade, or as a breakfast, dessert, and finishing sauce.


No Sugar Ketchup

We don’t add sugar or any other sweeteners to our Tomato Ketchup.

It doesn’t need it.

With bold flavor from our unique blend of 20 herbs, spices and seasonings, it is awesome!

Fruit Syrups

Naturally sweet syrups with herbs and spices that make the flavor pop.

Used for mixed drinks, sodas, or as a glaze when cooking.

Shrub Syrups

Shrubs are the sports drink of the 1800’s and can be served with or without your favorite clear liquor.   Enjoy a tasty and historic Shrub drink today!

Unobtainium Food and Beverage, Inc.

Our goal is to make the best food and beverage products available.  We love our customers, and want to share these exceptional culinary delights with you.  We are constantly striving to exceed your expectations.


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